Ford Model Y & C vehicles and spare parts

Ford model Y (model 19) 8hp vehicles were produced from August 1932 through to November 1937 and the Ford model C and CX 10hp was produced from September 1934 through to March 1937, primarily for the UK market, but exported world wide.

The production of the Ford model Y with 933cc sidevalve engine was incredibly successful in manufacturing 157668 saloons (2 door and 4 door), 30795 commercials and 111 tugs. (figures include built up and knock down units for export). Early models are now designated short rad models (1932 to October 1933) have many styling differences to the later long rad model. There are significant early differences in the parts and components (both body and mechanical) which are applicable, and show developments and improvements to spare and replacement parts.

The Ford model C and CX with 1172cc engine was referred to as the De Luxe or the 10hp model against the Popular for the 8hp model Y. Production was of 2 door or 4 door models and chassis for specialist coach builders. 21340 model C were produced and 37653 model CX which was a subtly restyled model C. Production of a tourer was announced in May 1935, offered from the factory and made in collaboration with Briggs Motor Bodies, but many variations were also offered by specialist coach builders who showed their stylistic flair with such models as Mistral by Jensen Bros, Kerry by Perry's or Arthur E Gould, Cairn by Salmons-Tickford, or those marketed E B Abbott and Arrow Coachworks etc.

The robust and adaptable vehicles found success in trials and races, in either whole vehicles or in components being used. The engines found favour in showing their design strength and ability of being tuned for great power output. The final demise of many was the rot, neglect or the destruction on the stock car/banger racing circuits.

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Ford Model Y, Ford Model C
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